I love Christmas. I was brought up in a family in England where my mother revered it, worked hard at it and made it a wonderful and memorable experience for all of the family, every year.


She surrounded us with Christmas festivity and atmosphere. We had decorations all around the house and always had a fairy on the Christmas tree top, lights twinkling everywhere and stockings at the bottom of our beds in anticipation of Santa’s arrival.

Christmas lunch was eaten  on Christmas Day was traditional and eaten around the regency mahogany dining table, laid with fine china, silver knives, forks and spoons with crystal glass and festive cloth napkins. As is the tradition in England, the main meal was turkey with a range of vegetables and crackers are pulled, silly jokes read and paper hats put on. After the dishes were cleared we sat down to watch the Queen’s speech. After which we played board games together and picked at sweets from a trolley full of wonderful seasonal treats and delicacies. She set the scene, provided the instruments to which we then played and made the music.

So in thinking of this I am reminded that this time of the year provides opportunities to pause, think, refresh and give thanks at work! It also provides us four opportunities that we should take advantage of.

Just like my mother made it special, so should we. Christmas should be special for everyone as well as our families. It provides us the opportunity to do four things.

1. Say Thank You

Those that work in the same environment, such as offices and factories, all year, spend more time at work than at home.

So we should thank our people for their help, their efforts, their talent, their commitment, their teamwork or whatever seems to fit.

Small gifts, Christmas cards and a lunch or small gathering are ways we should reach out to our colleagues.

It should be sincere and it will help build teamwork, motivation and loyalty.

2. Build Bridges

We can’t get on with everyone, but it is important to have the right relationships so we can develop a culture of shared responsibility and teamwork.

We have the opportunity at various festive gatherings to build some of those bridges we haven’t taken enough care about.

3. Say Sorry

This time of the year provides us the opportunity to heal some wounds at work because we all say things we didn’t quite mean or take some action that was not quite what it should have been.

We get the opportunity to apologize and make it right with a gift or a few words.

4. Give Generously

We have a break with the family and a change of pace and outlook. We can focus more on others. Which reminds me of a quote: “Christmas is a necessity. There has to be at least one day of the year to remind us that we’re here for something else besides ourselves” – Eric Sevareid

So, let’s enjoy this time of the year and take the opportunity to do these four things.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!


Peter M. Beaumont is a Management Consultant and Owner of ConnXN. He is the author of The Relationship Roadmap and is a customer relationship mentor who helps those responsible for their stellar clients protect and grow their business. See more at www.ConnXN.net

About the Author:

I am the customer relationship mentor, who helps those responsible for their company’s most important customers, to build and maintain their customer relationships and keep them happy, so that they can protect & grow their business.