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How this Site is Going to Make You More Successful with Your Important Customer Relationships?

relationship-managementThe goal of this site is to help YOU get better engaged with your customer relationships and protect and grow the ones that are key to the future of your business.

 To do this I want to create insightful, relevant and thought provoking content that you can use at work immediately on your own or with a team.

To help me do this, I need feedback, so I encourage you to correspond with me, ask questions and make comments so we can all learn from each other.

I don’t have all the answers,  but in my career, explained below, I do have extensive experience with all types of situations with major international companies and major brands that are household names.

I typically blog once a week and to ensure you don’t miss any vital content you can subscribe via RSS  or e-mail . I have over 100 blogs on the site and when I first started I had a real mix of subjects that were more broad management mixed with relationship engagement subjects. Over the last few months I have focused more on relationship engagement, but you can search my blogs for other content as well.

About Me

About three years ago I established a Consulting company called ConnXN, which specializes in the art and science of truly understanding client needs and connecting in ways that results in added value relationships. What’s different about this? I have a unique approach which identifies and measures the relationships.  I  work with sales and marketing professionals to map, assess, understand and develop ways of making and improving their key connections.

about-peterI started my career with Cadbury-Schweppes in the UK in a sales position having obtained a Business Management Degree at East Hertfordshire University.

I moved to Bahrain with Philip Morris as Area Marketing Director for the Middle East to pioneer new markets and consolidate market leadership. During my stay there for 11 years I re-joined Coca-Cola as Region Marketing Manager to re-introduce Coca-Cola into the Middle East, after its absence of 22 years. I travelled extensively in the Middle East.

In 1993 I moved to Vienna to head up a new Division of The McDonald’s Group and help McDonald’s (Coca-Cola’s No. 1 customer) to build their operations in the Middle East, Africa, and India and throughout Central Europe.  As Vice President, I travelled extensively throughout Central Europe, including Russia, Poland, Hungary, Czech Rep., Romania and Eurasia.

In 2004 I moved to become General Manager of the Munch office for Creata, a premium full service below the line agency. Responsible for Germany, Austria and Central Europe; McDonald’s, Kellogg’s and Coca-Cola were amongst the impressive client list.

In 2008, I moved to Creata’s Chicago office and was appointed Vice President for Global Business Development. In 2011, I was promoted to Senior Vice President responsible for North America Client Services and spearheaded new management initiatives including Strategic Planning & Communications. In 2012, I founded ConnXN.

Born in the UK, and played semi-professional soccer I am the proud father of a son who graduated with a Physics Degree with Honors at Warwick University in the UK.

I re-married and have a gorgeous daughter and a younger son with my lovely American wife Shelley. We currently live in Minnesota.

I follow all sports, especially soccer, tennis and golf. I work hard to keep a newly accomplished 10.7 handicap. I follow the Ryder Cups (attended three) , Super Bowls and Soccer World Cups (attended three), Hong Kong  Rugby Sevens (attended one)

I am very competitive about everything and have problems with tolerance.

I’m working on it!

By the numbers, I’ve visited 80 countries, lived in 13 cities, worked on 6 major brands and am experienced in 3  major business disciplines; Client Servicing, General Management and Brand Management.

Contact Me

I can be contacted via e-mail, Twitter or LinkedIn. Or just click on this link to my Contact page.



They say that you are known for the company you keep. At ConnXN, Peter’s experience can help improve all your company relationships.

ConnXN founder Peter Beaumont’s experience spans 3 key areas: Client or Customer Service, General Management and Consumer Marketing. In his work with blue chip companies and major agencies, he has crossed paths with some amazingly strong and vibrant brands. See any brands you know? I thought so.



Now Peter is using his experience to help deliver insights to the Relationship process.

Want to know more about hiring Peter? Click here. Here’s some news on some of my clients



A client that helps freshen breath and focus of the mind through consumption of mints and gum, Peter has been working with them to provide background, knowledge and contacts in the Food Service business.




intel_logoBrought on board to assist the PMG team of Intel in 2012, Peter continues to work with the team to develop Customer Strategy Plans for their very important and strategic EOM’s.



Peter worked with some very talented people to look at the strategy and vision for the RMHC-CNI chapter for 2012. Headed by Doug Porter and facilitated by partners from McKinsey, this was a year-long project that provided Peter the opportunity to utilize his strategic and communication skills. He worked with a team guide and developed their future for what is a wonderful charity that he has worked with for the past 20 years.



Peter’s Recommendations

These are some of the recommendations that Peter has received from his professional colleagues and associates. Find a complete list of his recommendations from peers, colleagues and clients on his LinkedIn profile.

robert gehlROBERT GEHL, Managing Director, MULTIPLEX GmbH. Worked with another partner when working with Peter at Coca-Cola

“Peter is a master at aligning organizations to serve customers needs, building lasting relationships and driving business growth. He was setting best practice for customer relationship management before CRM was an acronym. It was a privilege to work alongside Peter, which was both rewarding for me professionally and commercially valuable for my business. – April 15, 2012.

GLEN STEEVES, hired Peter as a Business Consultant in 1996

“Peter is a strategic, engaging and customer-driven executive. He excels at building relationships, exceeding your expectations and effectively partnering to insure the client is able to leverage the synergies and strengths of each team and organization available.” – April 3, 2012

rich deaugustinisRICH DEAUGUSTINIS, International Marketing Manager, Europe & Africa, The Coca-Cola Company – McDonald’s Division, worked directly with Peter at Coca-Cola

“Peter has the great ability to forge client relationships both horizontally and vertically across an organization. He gains great insights into his clients, and helps them achieve their objectives and goals. He is able to always look for and find a “mutual win” that benefits both parties. Peter makes things happen and adds tremendous value to business partnerships.” – March 12, 2012






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The workplace has changed. Or has it? Most of our leaders are in the baby boomer era or learned from baby boomers and were brought up with very disciplined and neo-Victorian standards of leadership.  These [...]