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In this unique book which is based on my experience and research, I introduce the concept of a Customer Strategy Plan, which teaches you a 6 Step Process that takes you from Relationship Mapping to an integrated Relationship Engagement Plan.

If you deal with Customers at any level, I would suggest you need to read this!

Without customers we don’t have any business. And yet while everyone agrees that business relationships are important, no-one measures, quantifies or leverages them.
This seems insane.

To have truly meaningful business relationships, it’s not sufficient to rely solely on a transactional approach. There needs to be a strategic plan.

The goal of this book is to help you identify and get better engaged with the business relationships that really matter.

I describe why a Customer Strategy Plan is important and how to create one.
The Relationship Roadmap provides a process that can be shared and implemented with your management, peers, colleagues and direct reports.

I provide lots of great examples and things you can do immediately to help you develop and track your key relationships.

Inside this book you’ll discover;

  • How to establish better quality relationships
  • Identify the people you really should be spending time with
  • How to develop strategic partnerships
  • Establish a Roadmap for key contacts
  • Ways to measure and leverage your key relationships
  • Introduce a process for Relationship Planning
  • How to write a Customer or Relationship Strategy Plan

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Peter Beaumont’sThe Relationship Roadmap” provides all managers with a practical, logical and effective approach to the management of business relationships. His vast experience with a wide range of well-respected multinational clients is effectively used to illustrate his methodology in developing a relationship strategy plan. Peter’s approach to relationship development is both comprehensive and logical, with the outputs of immediate practical benefit to anyone seeking to strengthen critical relationship both within their organization and with their external clients.

This was an astounding read! The difference between this read and other business relationship guides is Mr. Beaumont provided a measuring methodology that most don’t. Other guides will steer you to the path but will just leave you in the middle of road wondering what you’ve done wrong, or right for that matter, and no plan to understand the results.”

Gives readers a comprehensive approach to managing key relationships in any important network that one might be a part of.

Author, Peter Beaumont, has had an extensive experience working for world-famous organizations (Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Cadbury, among others) with a diverse network of professionals all over the world.
His book is a genuine reflection of his relationships with a wide variety of people with whom he has worked and played over many years, or rather, decades.
The book does not only guide you through the value of “genuine” relationships and bonding during one’s career and life, but also “how-to” strategically mine these friendships into a goldmines of resources over the years.
Beaumont gives you practical step-by-step approach, with goals and strategies. He illustrates all his points with real-life examples. It is an easy read. He has a very helpful summary at the end of each chapter, plus some excellent tips.”

BrilliantA very useful resource for everybody who is involved or responsible for business relationships. And to be honest everybody in an organization is and therefore should pick up this book, read it and start thinking about relationships strategically. The book is easy to read and Peter Beaumont in a ‘clear and concise with great anecdotes and oozing with experience’ approach makes all that strategy talk easy to understand and applicable.
Customers are powerful. They have a loud voice, a wealth of choice and their expectations are higher than ever. So it is about time to change your approach to meaningful business relationships. You need to be able to leverage these relationships and go beyond a transactional customer behavior. With his book Peter Beaumont achieves this superbly and the provided tools are easy to understand, to reproduce and to use.

I bought a copy of this book as relationships are so important in business and I thought it may give me some guidance. Wow did it do that! I have bought another 9 copies to give to the my husband, heads of my company and to the local political leaders as I feel it is almost a mandatory read if you are in business. Looking forward to the next book from this author!







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