Over the last few months, during networking meetings, I have noticed an increasing number of instances where people ask me about how I organize myself. Now this can be taken 2 ways. Either they are so impressed at how I prepare and organize myself or alternatively they are appalled at my disorganization.  Whichever it is, [...]


In our age of technology and digital dexterity we read more and more via screens than we ever did.The growth of the Internet has led to us consuming news and engaging with each other in different forms, and as a result of this numerous traditional newspapers and magazines have gone out of business.How do you [...]


Travel is not much fun today. Security measures since 9/11 have increased the stress and the inconvenience of travel, so when I used to travel a lot I looked at ways of minimizing both. For many years, I traveled three to four days a week and had some trips for one or two weeks including [...]

7 Reasons We May be Lighting Fires

Recently I have been working with a client whose people are always super busy in meetings, continually working late, meeting deadlines at the last minute, late for meetings and calls and always seem to have a crisis. Seem familiar?So I started asking the question, why does this seem to be the norm? Why does it [...]

10 Tips for More Productive Calls

“Our Meetings Are Held To Discuss Many Problems Which Would Never Arise If We Held Fewer Meetings” - Ashleigh BrilliantI rarely see notes from conference-call meetings. IF an agenda is sent out, it is within 30 minutes of the call and comes with any reading material as preparation. What's wrong with that? I'd like to share why I [...]

6 Tips for Leading a Successful Team

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." —John Quincy AdamsOver the course of my career, I have run many teams. They range from over 300 personnel and 16 nationalities for Coca-Cola in Jeddah, West Saudi Arabia to a small team of 4 in Vienna, [...]

10 Things Employees Want More Than a Raise

Making big money is often less important to employees than satisfying these basic needs, says Geoffrey James. Another great article by him that I reproduce in full. For the original article and more on Geoffrey James, follow the links at the bottom of the article.Contrary to popular belief, employees value many things more than the [...]

Why Aren’t You Delegating?

 No person will make a great business who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit.   Andrew CarnegieHow many times have you thought, "why don't they let me get on with it instead of stepping in and taking over?". Probably more times that you think you have. Delegation comes easy to some [...]

Dealing with Meeting Notes

Following on my last article about Why Meeting Notes Makes Sense I came across this article by David Allen. The founder of GTD (Getting Things Done) I love his approach to increasing efficiency and productivity in my life and have attended one of his workshops. He has written several books (which I have read) and has a [...]

Why Meeting Notes Make Sense!

"It provides a historical record that can be used at future meetings for verification of decisions, and as a reminder of past events and actions."Why is it such a big deal to take notes of a meeting? "It isn't," I hear you say! "I always make my notes in a meeting."  But do you share [...]