Don’t Take Your Customer for Granted!

A good friend of mine for many years believes as I do in passionate customer service to key customers. Both of us learned our trade working with McDonald's for The Coca-Cola Company.Stephen Cobb is still with Coca-Cola and has always been a tenacious and persistent value provider to his clients. He recently wrote an excellent blog about ensuring good [...]

See How Easily You Can Raise YOUR Game

In my last article, I told a story about how I came to realize how change was important and how damaging it can be when we keep trying the same thing and getting the same result. In this article, I would like  to explore and see how easily you can raise your game to your [...]

How I Realized Change Was Needed

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” - Albert EinsteinMany times I have had problems with relationships within different customers, for a variety of reasons, but always tried to solve the issues by using the same approach.What I have learned is that one size does indeed not fit all. [...]

Four Ways to Make Your Boss Look Good

How many times have you been in meetings and realized that you may have not told your Boss that little piece of information that would have prevented her from being grilled by her management and peers right now?You watch helplessly as she visibly projects discomfort and desperately searches for reasons to provide why something that [...]

Are Internet Relationships Really Real?

I have for sometime debunked the viewpoint that any relationships established on the internet are not real. I mean, are internet relationships really real? Recently I was vehemently challenged on this by my 14 year old daughter,  Karly.  So I asked her to put her point of view, in writing and if she could do it in [...]