Don’t Take Your Customer for Granted!

A good friend of mine for many years believes as I do in passionate customer service to key customers. Both of us learned our trade working with McDonald's for The Coca-Cola Company.Stephen Cobb is still with Coca-Cola and has always been a tenacious and persistent value provider to his clients. He recently wrote an excellent blog about ensuring good [...]

See How Easily You Can Raise YOUR Game

In my last article, I told a story about how I came to realize how change was important and how damaging it can be when we keep trying the same thing and getting the same result. In this article, I would like  to explore and see how easily you can raise your game to your [...]

Why Some People Always Know their Relationships

When we work with large companies whose business is critical to the well-being of our company, we constantly need to ensure we have the right relationships with the right people. Furthermore, we need to make sure we are evaluating these relationships regularly. In today's business environment, things are changing at an increasingly rapid pace and [...]