Can You Spot the 7 Early Signs of a Broken Negotiation?

The other day I was talking with an ex-colleague about his role at work and he was telling me that he had been having some problems getting a decision from a client he thought was going be fairly straightforward.When I probed some more about the circumstances, it was clear to me that he was experiencing [...]

Secret 23: It is more important to be interested

For this weeks post, I have asked Matt Bird to be a guest blogger.Since I came across Matt Bird, I have learnt that he is a kindred spirit in many ways.  He helps people and organizations build the relationships needed in order to achieve greater success and he is also the author of the new book ‘Relationology [...]

5 Secrets of People Watching

I'm a great people watcher. I've been doing it for years and I've noticed it's a declining art or hobby. Most of my people watching over the years has been at airports. I would watch all the various people walking to gates, shopping, talking in groups or couples, eating and drinking.At one time, everyone at [...]

10 Tips for More Productive Calls

“Our Meetings Are Held To Discuss Many Problems Which Would Never Arise If We Held Fewer Meetings” - Ashleigh BrilliantI rarely see notes from conference-call meetings. IF an agenda is sent out, it is within 30 minutes of the call and comes with any reading material as preparation. What's wrong with that? I'd like to share why I [...]

8 Essential Truths About Understanding People

Geoffrey James is someone I enormously respect with his great insights and pertinent articles found mostly on Inc. I once again have reproduced in full a great article about understanding people in the workplace. There's a link to the original at the bottom.Doing well in business comes down to understanding people--your employees, coworkers, and customers. [...]

Is Technology Killing Relationships?

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity - Albert EinsteinIs it just me, or are we starting to hide behind technology rather than put in the hard work required to build relationships?We've all noticed that more and more we use technology for tasks we used to handle in person! But [...]

Why Aren’t You Delegating?

 No person will make a great business who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit.   Andrew CarnegieHow many times have you thought, "why don't they let me get on with it instead of stepping in and taking over?". Probably more times that you think you have. Delegation comes easy to some [...]