Travel is not much fun today. Security measures since 9/11 have increased the stress and the inconvenience of travel, so when I used to travel a lot I looked at ways of minimizing both. For many years, I traveled three to four days a week and had some trips for one or two weeks including [...]

6 Things Flying Helps Teach Us

I am old enough to remember when airline travel was fun, an adventure and something to be looked forward to with excitement, even if you traveled a lot. Alas, not quite so nowadays. 9/11 has changed everything.I have been traveling most of my life, visiting over 80 countries and living in eight of them. I [...]

5 Secrets of People Watching

I'm a great people watcher. I've been doing it for years and I've noticed it's a declining art or hobby. Most of my people watching over the years has been at airports. I would watch all the various people walking to gates, shopping, talking in groups or couples, eating and drinking.At one time, everyone at [...]

5 Road Warrior Travel Tips

“To travel is to live.”  - Hans Christian Anderson For many years I traveled at a rate of a minimum three to four days per week. Some trips lasted one to two weeks, through weekends. During that time I adapted some useful habits to make life easier and thought they were worth passing along. Of course if you are a veteran [...]