An Introduction to ConnXN

So let me introduce you to ConnXN. It  is of course an abbreviation for CONNECTION or CONNECTING…connecting companies, clients and consumers. A  lot of C’s…

The aim of this blog is to help fellow professionals (and of course potential clients) to understand how best to make better and valued connections and to do this in a way that adds value for all parties. We need to remember that when we are in the Client Service business, although our quest is to partner and connect with our clients and consumers, it needs to be done in a way that also benefits our company.  To do this, it must be based on a genuine understanding of what the client is looking for and that the chosen solution will deliver a win-win-win!

I have created a platform for a solution orientated company and truly believe that there has to be and should be WIN-WIN-WIN in any solution-based decisions to have any meaningful long-term effect that will benefit all partners.

I am a very experienced marketing professionals who has global CPG experience that spans all the world’s continents from the Americas to Oceania. I have more than 40 years of experience working with 3 of the most well know brands in the world, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Marlboro and most recently Intel and Wrigley. I’ve made mistakes, learnt from them and had some great successes as well!

I am a highly motivated, energetic and process-driven individual that simply gets the job done!
I  also possess a diverse and varied array of skills on how to deliver the best customer and consumer experience, combined with an unparalleled depth of knowledge of how to work with clients at all levels. I can deliver business plans, marketing strategies and execution plans.
So, when we have to deliver that elevator speech about what I do, what do I say? That I help sales & marketing professionals Connect better with their clients and consumers and help design programs and actions that will result in wins for those companies,  clients and consumers.
I am looking forward to sharing some examples and insights of how we can achieve the right process and focus to make better connections…stay tuned!


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