How I Realized Change Was Needed

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” - Albert EinsteinMany times I have had problems with relationships within different customers, for a variety of reasons, but always tried to solve the issues by using the same approach.What I have learned is that one size does indeed not fit all. [...]

Build Teamwork with Accountability

So does your team sing to the same tune? Is teamwork working effectively?An essential ingredient of enjoying successful relationships at work is effective teamwork and being accountable. But being accountable seems to be less evident than it used to be.So why has accountability become rare? And so we are clear, by that I mean, when did we stop [...]

Four Ways to Make Your Boss Look Good

How many times have you been in meetings and realized that you may have not told your Boss that little piece of information that would have prevented her from being grilled by her management and peers right now?You watch helplessly as she visibly projects discomfort and desperately searches for reasons to provide why something that [...]

The Nine Steps to Take If You Get Fired

Whether we are let go, downsized, part of a strategic alignment, made redundant or just plain fired the result is pretty much the same. We don't have a job anymore.A thousand thoughts go through our minds as we clear our desk, give back company items to HR and sign the documents. That bastard Boss! What [...]

Should We Get Rid of Performance Appraisals Once and for All?

Most of my work and effort is spent helping people build customer relationships, understanding the importance of these and developing a process that enables us to measure and track our effectiveness.During this work, I’m often reminded that we don’t practice what we are doing with our customers, with people in our own company.That thought process [...]

Can You Spot the 7 Early Signs of a Broken Negotiation?

The other day I was talking with an ex-colleague about his role at work and he was telling me that he had been having some problems getting a decision from a client he thought was going be fairly straightforward.When I probed some more about the circumstances, it was clear to me that he was experiencing [...]

7 Reasons We Struggle with Strategy

Recently, I had been talking with a number of friends and business contacts and there was a recurring word that kept cropping up during the conversation. The word was strategy.  Interestingly, it was not being used in the same vein in these conversations or in the same context, but the word itself was used during [...]

7 Reasons We May be Lighting Fires

Recently I have been working with a client whose people are always super busy in meetings, continually working late, meeting deadlines at the last minute, late for meetings and calls and always seem to have a crisis. Seem familiar?So I started asking the question, why does this seem to be the norm? Why does it [...]

6 Things Flying Helps Teach Us

I am old enough to remember when airline travel was fun, an adventure and something to be looked forward to with excitement, even if you traveled a lot. Alas, not quite so nowadays. 9/11 has changed everything.I have been traveling most of my life, visiting over 80 countries and living in eight of them. I [...]